New Study Tool: Mapped Timeline of the Roman Empire

Enjoy this brand new study tool, an interactive mapped timeline of the Roman Empire, created by A&P Editor, Jayd Lewis.

Click on the picture below to access the timeline. Press your arrow keys left and right to move along the timeline, and use your mouse to zoom in and out. As you move along the timeline, the map changes to show how the boundaries of the Roman Empire shifted through time.

This tool is best viewed in Safari.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 10.44.50 PM

Mapped Timeline of the Roman Empire

The interactive Mapped Timeline of the Roman Empire was created as a final project for a seminar course, Practicum in Digital History at North Carolina State University, under Dr. Matthew Booker during the Fall 2013 semester. I used several programs to put the slideshow together, including Timeline 3D for Mac and Keynote. The map in the background is a Creative Commons gif from Wikipedia and the timeline events are from the Timeline section of Boatwright et al. 2012.

Boatwright, Mary T., Daniel J. Gargola, Noel Lenski, Richard J. A. Talbert. The Romans: From Village to Empire. Oxford University Press, 2012. 519-526.

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