Rising Star Expedition

This past September, spelunkers Steve Tucker and Rick Hunter stumbled across the remains of ancient hominids while exploring the Rising Star Cave in South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. Following this discovery, in November a group of scientists launched a 3-week expedition to explore the cave and recover more fossils. The project uncovered about 1,200 specimens, and National Geographic’s website reports “the find could add significantly to our understanding of human evolution.”

This photo of scientist K. Lindsay Eaves on the Rising Star Expedition won an award in the Australian Archaeological Association photo competition in ‘Category B – Archaeological fieldwork or laboratory work in progress‘ (National Geographic).

Because the scientists needed to be able to squeeze through an eighteen-centimeter space to recover the bones, the recovery team was made up entirely of women! (Read more at themarysue.com)

The team also tweeted the entire experience–posting comments, pictures, videos and updates with the hashtag . Follow @LeeRBerger and @JohnHawks to read all about the discovery get updates!

Also, check out the Rising Star Expedition blog on National Geographic’s website!

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