Want to be an archaeologist? Volunteer or attend a field school this summer!


Do you want to be an archaeologist? You can be this summer! There are tons of opportunities to volunteer or even get class credit for participating in a field school on an archaeological project. Check out these neat opportunities and apply today!


Azoria Project 2014 (Field School in Classical Archaeology)

If you’re looking to go to Greece this summer and want to experience all that the famous Cretan hospitality has to offer, I recommend applying for the Azoria Project 2014. Volunteers and Field School students not only learn how to excavate, but there are many learning opportunities in other aspects of archaeological investigation through working at the Institute for Aegean Prehistory Study Center for East Crete. Students and staff live in the village of Kavousi, where the residents are friendly and love to open their homes and show people around. There are also many opportunities for traveling the island and other sites in Greece during the afternoons and weekends. A big hit with the students is Tholos beach–where many students spend their afternoon relaxing and cooling off after a hard day’s work up in the mountains. If this sounds like the adventure for you, check it out more on the project’s website (Duke in Crete) and information page (Azoria Project 2014).

Field School participants sifting soil for bones, pottery, and plant remains (duke.globaled.edu)

Field School participants sifting soil for bones, pottery, and plant remains (duke.globaled.edu)


Petra, Jordan Archaeological Field School (Summer 2014)IMG_0561

Were you a fan of Indiana Jones growing up? Then you may recognize to the right the Monastery of Petra featured in The Last Crusade. Join NCSU professor S. Thomas Parker and ECU professor Megan Perry in investigating the every-day lives of the people who lived at this magnificent site during the first to fourth centuries CE. Petra is nearly 2,000 years old, and was the capital of the Nabatean kingdom before the area was conquered by Rome and incorporated into the Roman empire. This site is famous for its magnificent rock-cut building facades, temples, and Byzantine churches (in the Indiana Jones film, it was also the final resting place of the Holy Grail–which sadly researchers have not actually found at the site). Come experience the breath-taking beauty of this ancient city and experience the rich cultural heritage of the friendly people of Jordan. Check out the program website (studyabroad.ncsu.edu) and apply before March 14!


Indiana Jones at the Monastery in Petra, Jordan


Balkan Heritage Field School 

The Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS, est. 2003) offers every year between 8 and 15 field school projects/courses in the field of Archeology and History of South-Eastern Europe, Documentation, Conservation and Restoration of Historic Artifacts and Monuments, taught in English, in two Balkan countries: Bulgaria and Macedonia. Various excursions around the Balkans, including the most attractive historical sites and cities of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia and Turkey supplement the BHFS program.

The Balkan Heritage Field School Projects are affiliated with ongoing research and/or conservation projects (such as excavations, expeditions, workshops), contributing to the study and preservation of the Balkan cultural heritage. They involve as trainers and instructors professionalarchaeologists and conservators, historians as well as other heritage specialists from Bulgaria, Macedonia, USA, Canada, France and Japan. Each BHFS project combines 3 basic educational modules: theoretical (lectures, presentations and field trainings), practical (participation in excavations, lab work, conservation workshops, field trips) and excursions to attractive archaeological and cultural sites & behind-the-scene visits. BHFS projects are listed among academic courses of New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria and all participants can obtain academic credits upon request.


Other opportunities

There are many other opportunities to participate in archaeological projects throughout the world! Students as well as interested amateurs and newcomers alike are welcome to experience archaeological investigation and contribute to the field! Check out the list of field schools as well as funding opportunities on both the Archaeological Institute of America’s Field Work Bulletin page and the American Schools for Oriental Research website.

One comment on “Want to be an archaeologist? Volunteer or attend a field school this summer!
  1. I also wanted to leave a few other possibilities for excavation experience. The Biblical Archaeology Society maintains a list of digs and field schools on their website. Most of the sites are of religious significance, but are good opportunities to visit an exotic place and gain first-hand experience in “doing archaeology.” You can visit the list here: http://digs.bib-arch.org/.

    I personally participated in the Bethsaida Excavations Project in Israel two summers ago. The site is located near the Sea of Galilee and has architectural remains from the Iron Age and Roman periods. For more information, visit: http://world.unomaha.edu/bethsaida/.

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